The story of this championship decider was the tie break for the 250 National Trophy. After the final Derek Rodgers, Mark Doble and Mark Webster all ended up on the same points. Webster was excluded because of comparison of number of wins but Rodgers & Doble not only had the same number of wins but 2nd’s & 3rd’s too. It took a meeting at RAC house for the eventual winner to be decided – and the winner was…..
Derek Rodgers by comparison of 4th places.
Other championship winners were, Formula E- Tim Parrott.
125 National – Colin Mason, Chris Stoney 125 open (who had clinched the title before Snetterton) and George Bett 210 National (who had also already clinched title).

Photo’s are

Tim Parrott having problems attended to during heat 2
Colin Breeze in 250 National and
86 Willy Grieve, 15 Boyd Barrington and 21 Mark Thompson 125 National.