Preserving our Karting 

International Connections and Clubs

The BHKC has members all over the world and has particularly strong ties with the Dutch, German, Italian and French historic kart clubs. They also hold international meetings in the UK and there are also a number in Europe which are attended.

If you are interested in Historic Kart Racing either as a competitor, spectator or enthusiast there is something in this web site for you

Karting Legends club was formed to preserve the history of karting from the 1960's, 70's, and 80’s using air and water cooled gearbox engines  

An American website dedicated to archives of vintage karting documentation

Karting1 has been created by Terence Dove and Alan Dove to provide an unlimited source of information to help kart racers improve their own performance

Dedicated to Czech historic 100cc direct drive karts

Australian site dedicated to the restoration and Demonstration of vintage and historic karts

German historic kart website

Dutch historic kart website

French historic kart website

Italian historic kart website