Fulbeck Sprint Challenge 4th August 2013

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Fulbeck Sprint Challenge 4th August 2013

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BHKC Fulbeck Sprint Challenge - 4th August 2013

At the next track day on 4th August at Fulbeck we will be holding the very first BHKC
“Sprint Challenge”.
During the morning we will be running separate sessions for Class I and Class IV as well
as for beginners according to demand. Remember we will have one or perhaps two
karts with Yamaha clutched engines available for beginners to drive. Mine at least has a
medium large seat but it is certainly not for the fuller figure!
During the morning sessions we will be recording lap times to check out the timing
equipment so you will be able to see how you are doing. You will need a transponder,
these can be hired on the day if you don’t have one.
After lunch we will have a “benchmark” session where the fastest lap of each of you will
be recorded and published. In the next session again your fastest lap will be recorded
and your challenge is to match your fastest lap from the first session. This means that
we can have karts of various speeds and classes competing with one another as the
actual lap times are not important.
All that matters is that your best lap times in both sessions are as close as possible, the
closest wins. There will be prizes for the best Class I and Class IV.
So please get your entries into Peter Brinkworth as soon as possible. We hope you will
enjoy the Challenge.
Tony Brinkworth
Tony Brinkworth
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Re: Fulbeck Sprint Challenge 4th August 2013

Post by briansa3 »

hi all

This inaugural non-race sprint challenge went off very well proving a competitive event for those with delicate karts and those looking for an option to racing.
It was a very relaxed day with good weather and as usual there were track sessions for novices and those looking to try a kart with aim of joining us.
We will be running more of these events in the coming months.

Brian Malin
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