New to the club - Craig

New to the club - Craig

Postby CraigyBoy » 03 Jan 2014, 20:10

Hello everyone,

I am new to the club and just waned to say hello. I am a big petrol head and have interests in classic vehicle restoration and karting. I currently own a selection of classic vehicles and and have previously owned a pro kart of which I have great memories in. I wish to get back in a kart soon and have recently come across vintage karts which really appeal to me.
I am a Mechanical Design engineer in my day job and have studied both motorsport technology and mechanical engineering at university.

One of the vehicles that has drawn my attention to the world of vintage karts is the Barnard Formula 6. I have researched the history of this vehicle and do understand they were not that widely used and were designed as a platform for children to learn the safety lessons of driving vehicles as well as a bit of fun for father and son. If anyone has any more information on these vehicles I would be very grateful. I am looking for one to purchase so if anyone knows of one available please do let me know.

I hope to get to a meet at one of the circuits around me (staffs) so I can see the variety of karts within the club and look at finally getting back in one.

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Re: New to the club - Craig

Postby briansa3 » 03 Jan 2014, 21:50

hi Craig

Welcome to the BHKC or at least the website. The Barnards were built at Sittingbourne, Kent, from 1968-1973 and used for Formula 6 as it was then, a far cry from what Formula 6 is now. It was a you mention not that popular and I think mainly limited to the London area. Over the years the BHKC has been going a few have surfaced, but I don't know of any for sale at present. At one show, I even had one person wanting to form a Barnard register but I think that was more wishful thinking as we never heard from him after the show.
Attached is two of the more well known owners, which I believe was a sales ploy.

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Re: New to the club - Craig

Postby CraigyBoy » 03 Jan 2014, 23:03

Thank you for the information Brian. I believe a lot of high profile people in motorsport have been pictured in Barnard Formula 6's over the years.
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