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Kartmania Report

PostPosted: 01 Dec 2013, 08:08
by Peter B
Hi all

Great day at Kartmania on Saturday, our stand looks really good. We had a lot people visit with a great deal of interest in our karts. Notable visitors were Barrie Williams and Peter Wardle. The Kart Boot was a bit sold out when I managed to get down there, hopefully there will be more bargains today.
If you didn't come yesterday then please turn up and see us today.

Peter B

Re: Kartmania Report

PostPosted: 01 Dec 2013, 08:13
by bultaco49
Couple of photos of the stand



Re: Kartmania Report

PostPosted: 02 Dec 2013, 10:37
by Peter B
After a slower start on Sunday, we probably had more people on the stand than on the previous day. Again lots of interest and lots of flyers and membership forms taken away. Hopefully we'll get some new members out of that. We provided an historic kart for the Karting Magazine stand and that made a good impression. The new editor, Ben, reckoned that there was certainly more interest on Paul Wilkes Sprint/K88 than in the modern kart on the stand and probably more than in the display of his proposals for his relaunched Karting Magazine shown nearby. So a good impression in the right places.

We have now got confirmation of the invite to Buckmore Park again in 2014 on October 18th and 19th.

The best news is that after discussion between John Reader, Martin Chesterman and Alan Turney, the Display and Demo at the TKM Festival at Kimbolton on August 9th and 10th is now open to all BHKC Historic Karts, not only TKM as was the case last year. Both Martin and Alan are very enthusiastic about making the event a Festival of Historic Karts as well as TKM. Martin is able to give us more physical space and track time at this meeting compared with the previous demo date in June. This is certainly an opportunity to put on an event comparable with the Shenington Revival.

Finally may I thank all of you who visited the stand over the weekend. More thanks go to those who brought karts to show and gave up their weekend to man the stand. Even more thanks to the guys who stayed behind to help me get 5 karts together with trollies, stands, Brian's table, photos and the kitchen sink out from the hall to Tony's bus in the car park in record time.