Report on the Coppa dei Campioni 2013

Report on the Coppa dei Campioni 2013

Postby briansa3 » 01 Jun 2013, 19:35

Coppa dei Campioni. Jesolo, Italy, May 24th-26th 2013.

Hi all

The event was very enjoyable with a great atmosphere. No actual competition, just ten minute track sessions all weekend, when the rain showers allowed. Friday was worse, we were flooded out until five o’clock. At least the weather got better over the weekend and it only rained at night!

We had a better presence than in 2012 making up eight of the 100 or so competitors along with other supporters that came along, these including Joe and Jenny Howells and Roger Norman. Toby Sinclair who now lives in Greece (and listed as the sole Greek entrant) decided that our camp was worth siding with. It was also good to catch up with our European counterparts who have become friends over the years.

As for karts, we played safe taking our reliable karts along but there was a large presence of Tony Karts from their museum and for Tecno enthusiasts it was heaven. In all it was amazing the many different types of karts and kart engines entered. From Italy, as well as the Tonys, Tecnos and DAPs there were two Rumi karts with Rumi 125cc engines form 1960, very advanced for their time with hydraulic brakes on all four wheels. There was a home made kart from Sweden dating from 1970 with an unusual chassis design and almost flat fuel tank. There were a few class 3 karts, these having proper kart engines and kart gearboxes in difference to the motorbike engines used in the UK. There was also a six-wheel kart – four wheels at the rear and each pair having a different track. It was amazingly quick.

I could go on about kart designs but for next year I think we need a few British 250cc there and perhaps one of our suspension karts. It may have been a long way but definitely worth it. More in the next BHKC newsletter (due out in August) and the next issue of Karting Magazine.

There are loads of photos under events/pictures and other reports/photos on our facebook page but here are a few others.

techno with a class three engine
BHKC member Chris Sears
Toby Sinclair with George and Farnk Weir (of Chariot karts)
the home made Swedish kart. It is for sale.
one of the Italian Runis
Brian Malin
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