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Donington Historic Festival 2013

PostPosted: 05 May 2013, 21:50
by briansa3
hi all

Despite just being a static display, those that did attend, enjoyed themselves. Weather was typical Donington on Saturday but Sunday was better. On Saturday, our patron Whizzo Williams found time from his racing to pay a customary visit.

As usual we had plenty of interest and enquires and the number of people who turned up expecting us to be running even exceeded our expectations! it is however keeping an event fresh, is one of those things that organisers are always faced with and this year the rally cars had the GP loop.
I trust that all our visitors have found our website. Any problems or queries please contact via the "contact page". We have an event at Shenington (Banbury) on June 15-17th and this is a good place to find a kart! - and we will be on track in numbers!

We had a dozen karts over the weekend and a good balance with Peter Miles' suspension kart, Malcom Sharp's Aerokite and Mike Allen's Aero/Susuki 250cc attracting most interest from the gearbox karts and Ed Thurston's Tecno providing it for the 100cc enthusiasts. Photos of the karts to follow.

I regret to report that towards the end of the day there was a serious crash during one of the saloon car races, involving a Mustang and a Mini which resulted in the event being closed early. Writing later the same evening, and trying to find info, I understand that one of the drivers died. Our condolenses are extended to the family of the driver and anyone else involved with dealing with the incident.



Re: Donington Historic Festival 2013

PostPosted: 07 May 2013, 20:56
by briansa3
hi all

a couple of photos taken by Chris McEvoy one of the events accredited media photographers.
4 is a 1963 Techno, 61 an Aerokite/Villiers circa 1970, 63 is a barlotti/100cc and the yellow/red kart with the nice exhausts is an 1980 Aerokart/Suzuki 250cc.