Track Days

The British Historic Kart Club has expanded dramatically over recent years. At the start this was little more than a collection of like-minded individuals seeking to enable themselves and others to rescue and maintain old karts from the earliest days of karting in the UK.

However, the rate of development and growth has been exponential, and as these vehicles were, from the very start, designed to be driven, it was natural that once sufficient karts had been restored it became incumbent upon the club to provide members with a means to drive their karts in a safe environment.

In conjunction with Retro Racer, the BHKC organise a number of track days that certainly provide members with very real track driving experiences.  These take place on the Saturday before each Retro Racer round.  At a BHKC track day there will be plenty of lovingly restored karts on display, with many out on track in sessions specifically for those who do not wish to mix it with drivers practising for Sunday races.  Separate track time is also allocated to junior drivers and drivers with limited experience.

For those members who really want the thrills of racing Retro Racer provide such an outlet.  Members are thus provided with every sort of opportunity to show and drive their prized historic karts – through static exhibition, at track day demonstrations, and through an association with Retro Racer whose events broadly mirror the same class divisions and regulations as those of the BHKC.

The BHKC offers something for everyone, if it involves air-cooled karts from 1959 to 1997, the BHKC can and will provide it.