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Coppa dei Campioni 2013
Pista Azzurra Jesolo, nr Venice, Italy
May 2013

At the Pista Azzurra di Jesolo, May 25 to 27th, the ASI revived the “Coppa dei Campioni di Kart”.  The circuit was identical to the one when it hosted the World Championship, which took place for the last time in 1987. This Cup competition, which was then regarded as a second World Championship, was a prestigious competition that all drivers would have wanted to win.  2013 marked the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Commission Internationale de Karting (CIK) ratified in October 1962.

There were over 150 historic karts at the meeting. Drivers participated in demonstrations, in a spirit of conviviality, celebrating these glorious historic karts. CIK-FIA and ASI invited drivers that have marked the history of karting during the first half-century of the organisation. The karts were divided into 9 categories: ClassCIK I (1956-1963 – with and without gearbox), ClassCIK II (1964-1971 – with and without gearbox), ClassCIK III (1972 to 1977 with and without gearbox), ClassCIK IV (1978-1984 – with and without gearbox) and Modern (1985-1991, with no change). The ASI, whose activities are aimed at the preservation of historic motor vehicles of any kind, could not forget karts, which have represented and still represent the first step in the initiation of future drivers.