Welcome to Historic Karting

Historic karting evolved from a group of enthusiasts who attended Shenington KRC’s fortieth anniversary race meeting in June 2000 to demonstrate their old karts and following that event, it grew rapidly with The British Historic Kart Club being formed in 2005. The club now has around 300 members, and historic karting has over 2000 Facebook followers and is a recognised branch of karting in both the UK and Europe.

The BHKC has members all over the world, with particularly strong ties with the Dutch, German and French Historic Kart Clubs. We hold international events here in the UK and our members regularly travels to events at Le Mans and Jesolo in Italy to name but a few. In November 2013 a group of our members even visited the Bahamas Speed Week!

Whilst we concentrate on preserving our karting heritage via demonstration events, exhibitions and test days, our sister club: Retro Racer organize a six round race series. This series is non-MSA and separate to BHKC .

To keep everyone in touch with all the relevant events, the BHKC has this website, including an on-line forum for club members and a newsletter published every two months.

Top right – Art Ingles built the first kart in 1956
Bottom right – 1981 Barlotti – Rotax 125cc class4 kart
35 year of development!

Art Ingels first every kart