Preserving Karting

to actively promote our karting heritage from the Golden Era of British Karting from 1959 to1997


to organise demonstration events showing historic karts actually being driven at speed


to organise exhibitions of historic karts at karting & motorsport venues


to encourage communication and discussion between members and the public

Historic Karting

evolved from a group of enthusiasts who attended Shenington KRC’s fortieth anniversary race meeting in June 2000 to demonstrate their old karts and following that event, it grew rapidly with The British Historic Kart Club being formed in 2005. The club now has around 300 members, and historic karting has over 2000 Facebook followers and is a recognised branch of karting in both the UK and Europe.


Historic Karting Facebook Followers

Latest News

New material constantly being added to the Research Archive section.

Tim’s Tales

The Chairman’s posts from magazine, and programmes. . . .

Keele Karts

  Keele Karts  Keele Matador Speedcraft    

Karting Origins UK/USA 2

  Karting origins USA-UK 2                    

Karting Origins USA/UK 1

  Karting origins USA-UK 1            

1966 Zip Karts

  Zip Kart  1966 The Kart Makers - Zip    

1983 RAC Motor Sports Awards

1983 RAC Motor Sport Awards 2 1983 RAC Motor Sports Awards  1983 RAC Motor Sports Awards    

1966 Brise Karts

  1966 Brise 1966 The Kart Makers Brise